Advanced Nutrients Root Tribe Trio Pack 1L

Advanced Nutrients Root Tribe Trio Pack 1L

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1 x 1L Tarantula Liquid

1 x 1L Piranha Liquid

1 x 1L Voodoo Juice

Transform Your Root Zone Into An Army of Diverse, Beneficial Microorganisms That Expand Your Root Mass by 700-1,000%, Giving You Glistening, Diamond Encrusted, Emerald Green Buds the Size of Baseball Bats ...

Yes, you really can grow a room full of buds the size of baseball bats, but you must have the root mass to grow and support them. 

In fact, every world champion grower knows this “trick”. It’s a known reality among champions that the bigger the root system mass, the bigger-the-buds you’ll enjoy at harvest.

That’s why many growers use either Voodoo Juice, Piranha or Tarantula as a standalone supplement and this works well. However, when used together each of these powerful supplements work in synergy to produce something truly special in the root zone of your plants…

This is because each supplement in the Root Mass Expanders Tribe was designed to enhance and amplify the performance of a certain part of your root zone functions. For example …

Pure Root Size And Mass

As hundreds of University Studies prove, a bigger root system will always equal a bigger plant. That’s why Voodoo Juicewas developed purely to stimulates root mass growth. And scientific testing shows it achieves this by up to 700%-1,000% — meaning you can essentially double the size of your roots solely by using Voodoo Juice. That makes it the undisputed leader in root mass expansion. But there’s more to a healthy, robust and productive root zone than just root size…

Expand Your Root’s Effective Reach

Your roots can only put on so much physical mass, but you can expand what scientists call the effective surface area of your roots by up to 75% when you employ the specialized fungi in Piranha. That’s because the included Ectomycorrhizal fungi –– acting as root extensions — sheathe root tips, build mycelia among them and create a spider web like secondary support network that reaches further than your physical roots could ever stretch alone greatly increasing essential oil rich biomass.

Bloom and Growth Potentiators

The beneficial bacteria in Tarantula inoculate your plant roots, defend against harmful bacteria, and stimulate further growth and development particularly of the whorl buds and apical buds. The powerful bloom and growth potentiating substances in Tarantula stimulate secondary root growth most notably as trichoblasts that further enhance root function and translate directly to upper plant growth.