Omega 600w Magnetic Complete Kit Set

Omega 600w Magnetic Complete Kit Set

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This Omega lighting kit is the best performing sub fifty pound light kit on the market. It's ideal for those on a tight budget, who wish to reduce costs without sacrificing too much in terms of quality. With a ballast that features a copper-wound transformer, a dual spectrum lamp and the ever-popular Euro Reflector, the Omega kit provides everything you need to get going, and for a truly breathtaking price.

  • The best budget light kit on the market, bar none.
  • Includes the ever-popular Euro Reflector - a timeless classic that gets the job done!
  • A quality ballast with a copper transformer – no cheap aluminium
  • Saves money, especially when kitting out large rooms
  • Dual-spectrum lamp with high lumen output – great for veg and flower
  • Ideal for use in a 1.0m or (preferably) a 1.2m square tent or grow-area

The Omega Magnetic Kit Contains:

1 x Euro Reflector, 1 x 600w Omega Ballast, 1 x 600 Watt Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp

How the Omega Grow Light Kit Works:

The Omega magnetic kit is ideal for those who need to reduce costs without compromising too much on performance. The ballast features a high-quality copper wound transformer, unlike numerous cheap alternatives on the market that use aluminium, which lowers efficiency and reduces power to the lamp

The lamp supplied with this kit is a dual-spectrum, so it can be used effectively during both the vegetative growth stage and the flowering stage. The extra blue light will ensure that stretching stays at a minimum when vegging and will help to stimulate essential oil production and all-round plant vigour later on in the flowering stages.

The Omega Magnetic Kit also comes with the Euro Reflector - a tried and tested piece of kit that's been getting the job done for growers across the globe for years and years. It's highly reflective hammertone panels will ensure that light is distributed evenly, while eliminating the hot-spots that can occur when working with smooth reflector surfaces.

Using the Omega Budget 600 Watt Light Kit:

Hang the Euro Reflector over the centre of the grow-space at an appropriate height. Our Easy Rolls (Pair), Rope Ratchet Hangers or Jack Chain are ideal for this. Screw the lamp into the lamp-holder in your reflector as tightly as possible by gripping the lamp with a clean dry cloth, taking care to avoid cross-threading. The lamp MUST be screwed into the lamp holder as tightly as possible. If it is not screwed in tightly then electrical arcing can occur between the centre contact of the lamp and the lamp-holder. This melts the solder contact on the bottom of the lamp, causing irreparable damage and making it unusable. Make sure that the lamp is clean and completely free of fingerprints, and other contaminants. Finally, make sure that your reflector is hung at the correct height.

Place your ballast in a conveniently close location on a flat, firm surface (not carpet). Try to choose a well-ventilated place near to an electrical mains outlet. Ballasts run hot in use and should never be covered and there should be no combustible items in the vicinity. Connect the input lead of your reflector to the output lead or socket on the ballast, ensuring the cable is not pulled tight and does not come into contact with anything that will become hot during use (e.g. lamp, reflector, ballast). Connect the mains plug into an electrical outlet socket or contactor and switch it on. The ballast will start-up and light the lamp. Please note that in the event of an interruption to the mains supply, the ballast may not be able to restart the lamp until it has cooled back down. Always consider the inrush current drawn by a ballast when it is switched on. Your mains supply may trip out if several ballasts come on at the same time.

We recommend that you replace your lamp regularly to maintain your garden efficiency. Yields will be considerably reduced when using an old lamp. When replacing your lamp, the wattage rating MUST match the wattage of your ballast or there will be a high risk of fires or equipment damage.

Warning: When HID lamps are switched on they run extremely hot. As with all high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs it is necessary to avoid touching the lamp with anything such as fingers or plants as this may cause severe burns or fires. In particular avoid sprays or liquids coming into contact with the lamp as this may cause premature failure or even an explosion.