Ona Gel 4L

Ona Gel 4L

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The superb odour control of ONA's air fresheners is now available in a simple to use 1 litre pot! The ONA Air Gel Pot contains a gel which slowly releases a continuous air freshening vapour which very effectively eliminates smells in a small to medium sized area. Great for any room in the house!

  • ONA – Superb, long-lasting & totally reliable odour control
  • 1 Litre gel pot – simply unscrew the lid and place in the room
  • Effectively eliminates any odour and smell in a small to medium sized room
  • The ONA odour neutralising power lasts for weeks
  • Leaves a light fresh smell of freshly baked apple crumble
  • Can be “topped-up" with ONA's liquid refills

How the ONA-Air Gel:

ONA produce some of the best odour control products in the world. ONA-Air Gels and liquids get rid of any smell without leaving an overpowering fragrance. The odour neutralising power of ONA products is well known to be the best in the industry. The ONA Air gel pot contains 1 litre of gel which contains the ONA air freshening compound. The gel slowly releases the ONA odour neutralising vapour into the surrounding air and very effectively eliminates ANY smell, leaving behind a light fragrance of freshly baked apple crumble. The gel will last for weeks and can be “topped-up" with ONA liquid as long as the pot doesn't go below about a third empty. The ONA gel pot can be used in small to medium sized areas such as hotel/motel room, sports locker rooms, garbage areas, near septic tanks, indoor gardens and greenhouses. ONA gel works to eliminate the smells from all the following (and more): smoke, food, mildew and mould, sewage and plant smells.

Using the ONA-Air Gel:

For the best and most effective results, try to locate the ONA Gel pot in an elevated position, such as a table, as close as possible to the centre of the area in which it is to be used and remove the lid. The ONA gel can be topped up with ONA liquid as long as the pot doesn't go down by more than about a third. One gel pot will usually last for several weeks depending on ambient air movement and the temperature and humidity.