Trim Bin Replacements

Trim Bin Replacements

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Scissor Scrubber

Say good-bye to gross gummy blades, sticky rags and sloshy jars — the Scissor Scrubber gets the job done without a big fuss and NO MESS!

The Harvest More scissor cleaning system is efficient and portable. Keep your extra pair of snips at the ready while trimming then swap them out with your sticky scissors — you won’t be slowed down by sticky scissors with the Scrubber on hand.

Sticky scissors waste time! Clean scissors trim faster!


Bag Holder

Trim Bin Bag Holder clips to the edge of Trim Bin to hold bags open and ready for use while you work. The Bag Holder clips easily to all models of Trim Bin and makes trimming even more efficient! Trim Bin Bag Holder supports trim-phase sorting and classification for botanicals and helps to keep your space organized.


Replacement Screen

Collect pollen while using Trim Bin with our innovative screens. Replace your original 150 micron screen or if you wanna get more pollen —
try the new 220 micron screen!


TrimBin Filter

The TrimBin Filter features a sorting screen at its base that allows you to quickly separate unwanted sizes and materials into the attached collection bag.

The TrimBin Filter will nest into all other TrimBins — sold separately — for maximum processing power, staging and storage. Each TrimBin Filter includes one 16 x 17.5 inch oven bag for collection.

The TrimBin Filter: Helping you Harvest More.